LaSelva 2015 10 Days

Background on Ecosystem

This neotropical rainforest is located on the Carribean side of Costa Rica

Specific Location

Heredia, Costa Rica

Biome Classification(s)

Koppen-Geiger Class is Am

Key Partners

La Selva Biological Research Station, OTS and Conservation International TEAM Project

Threats to Ecosystems and Animals

Climate change, deforestation, invasive species and disease are just a few of the stressors on this ecosystem. Successful attemtps are being made to protect these habitats from further loss and as a result are having a positive effect on preserving the floral and faunal diversity.


  • Study 1: Examination of role of vegeation structural complexity on soundscape complexity
  • Study 2: Differences in the certical profile of acoustic composition over time
  • Study 3: Long-term dynamics of anurans under threat from chydrid fungus
  • Study 4: Ecoacousic signal dynamics in a tropical freshwater pond